Kamyki 2016

Informacje motoryzacyjne z Wałbrzycha, okolic i nie tylko

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Wielkimi krokami zbliża się piąta, jubileuszowa edycja Rajdu Samochodów Terenowych Kamyki 2016. W sobotę 23 kwietnia Głuszyca znów stanie się stolicą polskiego off-roadu.


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Ta edycja rajdu samochodów Terenowych Kamyki jest organizowana w tym roku. Jeśli ta kto poprosiłbym o dokładną datę.
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Musze się tam wybrać.


szkolenia dla działu zakupów
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wooden block toys for children Stimulates baby development

in childhood should be stimulated with age appropriate toys The brain will be developed continuously. Especially when the child has played with wooden blocks toys. which has a variety of shapes that aids in the development of small muscles It allows the brain shell to connect more neurotransmitters. Every time the child has tried to connect the block. The power of the brain has developed various networks. Which is related to the large muscles, small muscles, nervous system, eyesight, and helps to promote thinking according to the imagination. of the child to work together in a systematic way, in addition, there are many advantages Let's see what other advantages there are.

What is a wooden toy block?
wooden block toy is Toys for children from 1 year old and up are made of wood in different shapes: round, triangular, square, hexagonal and long stick. Used for children to play with both drops into the box. or connected into various shapes According to your baby's imagination, it will be creative and then come out into the shape that the baby wants. mostly children Will feel fun to play blocks in different ways. Blocking is a good practice for children who are less focused. To be able to focus on what you can do for a long time. Helps to solve the problem of ADHD in children As for the benefits of blogging in other areas, there are still many.

benefits of wood blocks
If parents buy the next block for their children to play with. would benefit the brain development of children enormously which will provide details as follows:

1. Strengthen concentration
During your childhood, there may be some children who are not able to concentrate for a long time to focus on things, do things that are not complete, get up and play another. When this is the case, mothers need to invite their children to play with wooden blocks. In the beginning, it will be used to introduce how to play for the child first. When your child is playing, they may use words to invite them to compete in blogging with mom. to create motivation for wanting to win This will help your child have patience. and can concentrate on building blocks longer And it helps to have a calmer mind as well.

2. Helps develop small muscles
playing wooden blocks toys While playing, the little ones use their hands to grab the wooden blocks. to bring together Thus resulting in the development of small muscles and various sensory systems. Including learning how the shape of the block is, whether it is square, has rounded corners or is a long bar, small, large, every touch that the child has picked up by himself. Therefore, it has been expanded to be developed in daily life. Whether it's holding a spoon to scoop rice into the mouth. holding a glass of water including learning to hold a pencil to write in various patterns are all caused by using fingers and developing small muscles Massive muscles continuously sure enough.

3. Help develop academic skills
As the wooden toy blocks are played repeatedly over time, the baby will have new ideas. In bringing to create a new blog from the original At the same time, your child learns to calculate the structure of the blocks. according to the child's own thoughts in order to make the block have a solid base Support the weight not to fall while it is not finished. then during this time If a mother plays with her child There are frequent urges to talk while doing activities together. It will allow your child to practice better language skills as well.

How to buy wooden block toys for your child?
Choosing wooden block toys for children to play with in order to get the best value for money. Which one should I choose? Before going to buy, parents should be aware. that a good toy is not always a high price. In principle, what should be considered when buying?

1. It is a block that can be played by both girls and boys.
The building blocks you buy for your child should be neutral. Can play both girls and boys. so that children can play with their friends When bored of playing, they can pass it on to other children.

2.Economical price
wooden block toy Mothers should choose one that is made of softwood, which is light and not too expensive. It is not necessary to use products that come from abroad. because it will save money to buy other necessities that the child needs

3. is safe
Blocks used on children should be safe. Made of material with a smooth, rounded surface, no sharp edges that may cut the child's surface. Safe from chemicals that are harmful to children. The shape and size are appropriate for your child's age.

4. It is a toy that helps build relationships of people within the family.
If you choose a type that can play activities together for the whole family. It would be a good thing to use this time to play. and can take care of the child together

5. It is a blog where children take part in purchasing decisions.
The mother taking the child to buy the toys that the child wants by herself. In addition to teaching children to think about the benefits when bought make your child feel proud who have participated in the decision to buy their own toys

giving children to play with wooden blocks toys It is useful in promoting the development of the baby in many areas, including the body, brain, intelligence, analytical thinking, problem solving, concentration, and emotional control so that you are not impatient. undo halfway Therefore, it is considered a toy that is very suitable for children. But playing blocks will not be full. Without parents to be friends and play with children together. Because any toy It's not as fun and exciting as it is. Parents have come to play again.

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